J.Hilburn Leather Goods Collection

Did you know?

Both Luciano Pavarotti and the automobile company founder Enzo Ferrari have something in common with our J.Hilburn Leather Goods Collection - an origin in a medieval town 90 miles north of Florence in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. Our Italian Leather Bag Collection is the result of a collaboration with a small bag atelier that specializes in luxury designer product. This guarantees the highest possible attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade, keeping the goal of producing affordable luxury product at a true value with no sacrifice to quality. Made in unique shapes formed by simplified folding and minimal seaming with double-faced pebble leather from Italy. The construction is unlined, crafted with hand-finished painted edge seams, palladium hardware, and detachable straps.

Every guy needs a great bag

Whether a guy admits it or not – he needs a great bag. It could be something you carries daily or just needs occasionally – a good quality leather bag is an essential part of your wardrobe. Bags are often overlooked and passed off as purely functional however, I am here to tell you that a good bag is not only functional, but also part of your entire look and image you portrays. There’s nothing worse than seeing a well-dressed man walking down the street with his backpack from college. You spent time and money on you clothing – you should give the same attention to your accessories and what you carrying.

What bags should he have?

This is subjective, but of course you need something that fits your life, both for daily carry and use, and for travel. Here’s a breakdown of each style and how you can use them and incorporate them your rotation. Briefcase: The quintessential everyday bag that every man needs. Space for whatever you need for the day.

Backpack: A more modern everyday bag with the added option of placing on your back – a great option for commuting.

Duffle: The perfect travel companion with just the right amount of space for a few outfits – great for a weekend or overnight trip.

Portfolio: A newer style to the market however a very simple and versatile piece. Use as a laptop or iPad sleeve, or just for a notepad and cards.

Dopp Kit: The Dopp Kit, toiletry bag, travel case – whatever you call it – this is what you need for all the personal effects that you need on a trip. And it carries them with style.

Wallet: The traditional bifold wallet with space for cards and cash.

Card Case: This style has been gaining more attention the past few years as men streamline the huge wallet and just focus on a few cards and bills that they need. Another feature that makes this versatile is that it can be carried in the back pocket, front pocket, or inside jacket pocket depending on your preference.

Here are two great examples of how a great bag can work for the office or travel. Shades of brown and black are accented well by the briefcase for the office, then continued with the duffle for the weekend. The bags elevate the look, help you carry everything you need both for the office and the weekend, and show the world that you put some thought into how you dress and travel.


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