Personal Menswear

Men's custom clothing personalized to your fit and style

Trust me to expertly guide you through J.Hilburn’s collection of premium Italian fabrics and endless styling options to create garments that are made exclusively to fit you and your unique style.

Personalized style (and confidence)

"The Pursuit of Personal Style Begins with a Great Shirt."

Begin with a simple, custom shirt

For some reason when we think about a good shirt, our minds immediately go to fit. And while fit is vital and gives you a unique look by nature, custom shirting also gives you opportunity to define your style — isn’t that a great bonus?

We use only the finest Italian fabrics, dozens to choose from; then we create your shirts with collars, cuffs, pockets, fronts and backs, contrasting fabrics (or even threads). All building your projection…a little attitude, or that soft elegance certain situations may call for.

Ask me how to make one custom suit work, four ways.

Excellent suiting (in more ways than the obvious)

I’m your Stylist, here to offer you sophistication with J.Hilburn Suiting and Jackets. Fine quality. Style. And tons of custom options. But it comes at a price…a very sensible price.

Let’s create your own, unique designs from scratch. J.Hilburn suits are made to measure and our fabrics are distinctly Italian; supplied by prestigious Italian mills. Each suit is cut to order and priced very reasonably for what you receive. So how are our prices so reasonable? No “middle-man.” J.Hilburn makes it possible for me to be your personal retailer.

Solid suits, (and sportcoats with accents!)

Some things can dress up or down. I'll show you how that can work.


Chinos, 5-pocket pants, shorts, denim, polos; and then trousers, luxury tees, cashmere sweaters, outerwear, shoes and accessories. J.Hilburn will have you and your closet covered, ready for anything the week throws your way.

Give the white dress shirt a break with a casual option