Become a J.Hilburn Stylist!

I lead a unique team that sells J.Hilburn. I bring 17 years as a sales professional and 11 years as an entrepreneur — merging with several years representing J.Hilburn. I bring style and fashion straight to discerning men.

I foster new Stylists who desire to be part of this company that is changing the face of retail. J.Hilburn offers a unique career opportunity. If you are interested in building a business and having flexibility in your life we should begin a dialog.

I am looking for the right person to mentor in building their own business as a men’s Stylist. If you are passionate, hard working and have good sales skills you can become a J.Hilburn Stylist. I will make sure you receive excellent support and training to help you succeed in building your business.

We operate with a team mentality. Really! This is “team-supported, self-motivation.” What a concept. With my support and business experience, you’ll have the scaffolding to leverage as you start off. You can earn as much income as you desire, based on the time and commitment you give to grow your business.

Being a Stylist and Consultant is the secret link between the customer and J.Hilburn. The personal relationships built with clients is something department stores and other online shopping sites can never capture; that allows us to become trusted advisors in their busy lives.

My Team

Another thing I’m exceptionally adept at doing; I help people see how they can build a business for themselves. (Read my friend, Annette Dresser’s story here.) With J.Hilburn, I show them they can maintain their important family time on their terms, while making a good living, knowing they are giving back to the ones around them. We Stylists DO help people in their personal successes. I’ve personally seen some of my team members move from desperation into success. How great that is! Now at the end of the day, they have a life that is satisfying. That drives me. If I can leverage my experience, connecting people to help others succeed in their business (both our clients and our team members)—that is a wonderful feeling. I do this daily because I believe my life was meant to be shared.


I’m honored to be a part of the J.Hilburn organization. By this association, trained Stylists are able to offer our clients tailored clothes, hand-constructed from the world’s finest fabrics. These customers find shopping with J.Hilburn is unlike any retailer in terms of quality, service and value. As a J.Hilburn Stylist, you will be able to offer your clients an impressive array of custom apparel, ready-to-wear clothes, and accessories to satisfy his business, casual, and everyday needs.


Begin an exciting journey, building your own business working around your lifestyle. I am deeply involved with J.Hilburn, so be assured that you’ll have a dedicated and experienced leader supporting your success all along the way. Our training equips you with a proven system for your success. Furthermore, our annual conference and extensive continuing education programs will help you stay informed and uplifted throughout you career. Let’s see if it is a fit for you!

My Invitation

Are you are a man or woman looking for a new business opportunity? I most assuredly can help you find your sweet spot where you’ll help men find and maintain their style (and confidence) by acting as their professional Stylist. It takes time and dedication, but I will get you there. That’s my promise.

J.Hilburn Stylists love their careers and flexible earning opportunities. Most Stylists hold a few client appointments a week, working around their schedules. An average client appointment takes about an hour. Follow-up appointments take less time. As your client base grows, you’ll soon discover that other people will want to do what you’re doing. Add them to your team and you’ll earn bonuses and commissions on their client sales as well. Plus you can earn phenomenal rewards like personal growth opportunities, beautiful vacations, and more. You can build a sustainable business. This is your income, your rewards, based on your commitment; part-time, full-time, or anything in-between.