Get Fit / Order


Fitting and ordering J.Hilburn with me is fast and accurate. I come to you in your home or office where we’ll get to know each other (if we haven’t already chatted a bit) and come to understand how you like to wear your clothes. What feels right. What styles you desire. (Even styles I might think are right for you.) Our first meeting generally takes less than 45-minutes. I can even get you fit “on-the-fly” in about 10 or 15 minutes, and then handle the rest together remotely.

I take all of the measurements that are necessary to ensure that your garment best fits your body, and your style. Whether you want a custom shirt, made-to-measure trousers, or a personalized sportcoat or suit, the measurements I take are crucial to the manufacture of your clothes.


When you are ready to order, you can go directly to my order page, or you can get in touch with me here and I’ll order for you. Excellence doesn’t stop with our products. In fact, what will keep you coming back, season after season, is the service. But first things first; how does this process work from the beginning? Since J.Hilburn is set up for personal service, it starts with you contacting me to complete your initial fitting and profile. When your first order arrives, you approve the fit of your new garments. If any initial adjustments are required, we make those (and adjust your profile). My fittings run in the 97+ percentile for accuracy and satisfaction. That’s not to say you may desire a tweak. I’m happy to accommodate.

90-Day Guarantee

J.Hilburn custom-makes clothes that fit you. Wear them out and about for 90 days, risk-free, to make sure you love the way they fit.

The J.Hilburn Difference

I bring my clients personalized luxury without breaking their bank. J.Hilburn, the company, allows me to deliver value that is impossible for traditional retailers to match. Bottom line, we are changing the way men shop. The suits, shirts and trousers are all crafted from the finest mills in the world. Luxury starts with premium materials, and J.Hilburn insists on using only the best. I’m there for you as much or as little as you need me, but remember (say it to yourself), “I’ll have my own Stylist.” Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Get ready for a style defined unique to you, whether simply for the office, corporate events or typical casual outings, I’ll ensure that you’ll wear luxurious, custom-fitted apparel — at an extraordinary value. You’ll look the best you have ever looked and feel like a million bucks.