The Knit Evolution

Knits have certainly evolved over the last few seasons with men discovering the practical comfort of a knit fabrication while still looking good on Zoom calls. Relegated in the past to casual and atheisure categories, knits have evolved into refined articles of clothing that can work just as well under sportcoats.

Each season J.Hilburn’s partner mills, especially the Italian mills of Biella Italy, propose new knit fabrications using updated technology and subtle patterns that make them tremendously appealing to offer in this reinvigorated category. One of these mills, Reda 1865, has a division dedicated entirely to new technology and specifically, to knit manufacturing.

A knitting machine is very different from a weaving loom for woven fabrics, with multiple knitting needles using the exact same technique used in hand knitting, with strands looping and knotting on themselves. This creates natural elasticity, that stretch quality that characterizes knit fabrics and makes them so comfortable and easy to wear. Reda 1865 uses top quality wool with breathability and depth of color, and they finish their knit fabrics with the purest water from the Italian Alps. A step that creates some of the best menswear knits in in the world.

When styling these knits, layering them under s sport coat or outerwear piece offers a great alternative to wearing dress shirts. By switching out the typical button-up dress shirt for a polo style in any of these colors, you upgrade the look to fit perfectly into the new work dress code while also adding a neater, warmer alternative. This strategy also applies to sportcoat and five-pocket looks, add a polo or even a mock zip neck in a solid color to pick up an accent from the sportcoat plaid.

Another way to style these Reda wools is to use them as sweater alternatives. With the added layering profile you can now opt for long-sleeved zip neck and even crewneck sweater-style knits to layer over your shirts in exactly the same way you would with classic sweaters. The comfort of a knit and the warmth of wool combine in these beautiful fabrics to create more interest in your selection of layering pieces, instead of relying on sweaters alone. Just like sweaters, these knits also make really great gifts to put on your wish list this year. We have added some fun and unique styling options, including the covered placket on the full zip and mock neck styles, plus a tech trim option for a knit piece that truly stands out in a sea of sweaters.

Knits are easy upgrades for guys who want to step up their suiting looks with items that are supremely comfortable and stylish, with plenty of options for collars, closures and in a plethora of colors. Please reach out for help in building your lean wardrobe of clothes that fit your body and your life. I am here to help you look your best.