Choosing to Buy QUALITY over QUANTITY. LESS is MORE

Recently, I was discussing with friends how we can offer prestigious Italian fabrics with a sartorial make that clients register very clearly as an incredible value. Everyone agrees that a suit or shirt made to fit a unique body would be “worth it.”

Where this value can seem more difficult to comprehend to clients, is in our casual offering. As we pave the way in custom-made casual, it takes a little time for people to appreciate the value, the need and the incredible service we offer at J.Hilburn for the casual side of their wardrobes.

In our current casual product lineup—from 5-pockets and chinos to outerwear, some shirting and knits—is pretty unique to find a custom-made collection, but these are treated more like common commodity fashion pieces in mall brands and department stores. I am not sure if you, like me, have spent any time in a mall recently, but the effects of the pandemic do not seem to have changed much when it comes to the assortment that is currently available. For example, 5-pockets are focused on “standard” waist sizes such as 32 and 34, and perhaps 36. Anything smaller or larger in a waist size is scarcely available across brands, and of course the lengths most brands offer stop at 32 or 34 inches, meaning lots of men will face alteration costs or simply wear their pants too long or too short. I guess that’s a look you get used to when you buy off-the-rack?

J.Hilburn clients love receiving 5-pocket pants at home— no shopping, and for anyone with a non-conforming shape, it’s a relief to know that the waist sits exactly where it should, the leg opening is how he wanted it, and guess what? The length is perfect. In addition, the 4-way stretch, the brushed twill, the wool and the performance fabrics come in an exclusive range of wearable colors that can be worn across many outfits. It seems like that value alone against the off-the-rack alternatives should be enough to convince anyone that custom-made casual is a stand-alone upgrade against any brand out there.

When selecting a knit, our options extend even more widely. You start by choosing an exclusive fabric in wool, cotton or one of our luxurious blends. You then decide if you want a polo style, a shirt style, or even a sweater replacement style as a warmer layer for fall and winter. You get to pick from multiple collars, cuffs, pockets, a hoodie or a full zip, and so on. Then you get to choose from 27 thread colors for contrasting thread on the stitching, and 21 button colors—you truly have the ability to configure a style exactly how you want it. Where else could you find something like this in the market, let alone in the mall?

At the end of this process, you have built a piece of clothing for yourself, and it will be cut by expert hands using proprietary technology, then constructed in a process that is built around your garments’ requirements and not the other way around. You can be comforted in knowing that minimal waste occurs compared to mass-produced items, which end up with end-of-season leftover product in endless size runs that must be discarded. This conscious consumption choice is meaningful for our clients. Why wouldn’t you pay a small premium for a unique product that you will wear, season after season, thanks to its perfect fit. I call that a thoughtful purchase!

Lastly, as a client, you can conveniently call or text me, giving me a heads-up for an upcoming occasion or to get last-minute advice for outfitting an impromptu vacation. You know that as your stylist I can look into my past purchases to guide you through the ongoing pleasure of building and curating your wardrobe. I am on hand to refit you from time to time, know your preferences and the things you love, and will use this information to keep advising you on how to look my very best for all the big and small moments in life.

You can have a lean wardrobe of clothes that fit your body and your life! Not too many clothes just the right clothes. I am here to help you look your best.